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IJonathan Mulcare (Design) proposes to assist in the design of communications vehicles which are targeted to convey a creative, inspired, and effective message. It is important that the designs brand together to address a broad-based audience with a call to action to benefit the client. In addition, the successful design will evoke a strong, emotional response from the audience, which will motivate, instruct or guide them.


Effectively communicate to the target audience the company/organization's  message in a visually compelling fashion that reinforces the brand.


Work seamlessly and collaboratively with the company/organization in order to achieve a streamlined design process, meet established benchmarks, and keep the project on schedule and within budget.


Utilize my extensive professional knowledge, skills and experience to attain the company/organization's  objectives.


Benefit from direct communication with the designer on all aspects of the project.


Proven experience in executing design through insightful and effective communications.


Non-profit organizations, education, high tech, entertainment, manufacturing, environmental, service, health care, sport, retail and private industries round out Jonathan Mulcare (Design)’s ever-expanding realm of creative endeavors. Each client and project presents its own unique experience. Working within such a varied scope enables me to keep my work fresh and ever-developing. I possess no particular style; instead, I employ my talents to create an individual solution for each project I encounter. I have developed countless communication programs and accompanying brand styles, and have a keen ability to establish and adhere to brand guidelines throughout my work.

Graphic Design
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